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What is Pharmacovigilance?
Pharmacovigilance is a system concerned with identifying, assessing, understanding and preventing adverse reactions as well as any other problems associated with taking medicines, with the aim to improve the treatment and safety of patients and better the public health.
In order to provide the most accurate information to doctors and consumers, it’s necessary to fully understand and continuously monitor the risk/benefit profile of medicines.
Bracco is responsible for collecting, processing and evaluating the information relative to the risk/benefit profile of its products, both commercially available and those currently in clinical development. Any problems that may arise are promptly communicated to healthcare professionals, patients and the proper authorities in accordance with current regulations.

What is an adverse reaction to medicines?
It’s a harmful and unintended consequence of the medicine’s use.
Adverse drug reactions may result either from correct use of the medicine, unauthorized use of the medicine or from medical personnel exposure. Unauthorized use includes, among others, overdose, improper use, abuse and medication errors.

How can you report an adverse drug reaction?
If you are in Italy
Voluntary reporting of suspected adverse reactions make up an important source of information for pharmacovigilance activities; so as to correctly assess the profile of the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, any and all adverse reactions to medicines in the country are logged in a single database.
Any unusual symptoms experienced during the course of treatment or diagnostic procedures must be immediately reported to the patient’s physician or pharmacist.

If you wish to report adverse reactions
related to the use of Bracco medicines, we ask you to not use the web channel o email service
but instead follow instructions found at the link below:

If you’d like to contact Pharmacovigilance at Bracco:
fax number: 02 2177 2766
telephone number: 02 2177 2327
e-mail address: braccodsu@bracco.com
If you need to contact Bracco directly you can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at: (+39) 02 2177 1

If you are abroad
If you experience an adverse reaction to one of our medicines while abroad, as every country has its own regulations regarding the reporting of adverse drug reactions, we recommend turning to the local healthcare professional with whom you are in contact to follow the proper reporting procedures.