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<br/><br/>Established in 1927, the Bracco Group is today a healthcare multinational operating in 100 countries worldwide <br/><br/>Iopamidol, the fruit of Bracco's research, has forever changed the history of imaging <br/>Bracco has research centres in Ivrea, Geneva, Princeton and Minneapolis, and collaborates with prestigious Universities across the globe <br/><br/>Women and new generations: our commitment to social innovation in Benin. <br/>In all areas of diagnostic imaging Bracco offers gold standard products as well as the most advanced contrast media technologies
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The Bracco Group and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding renew their partnership until 2037.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Bracco Corporate Social Responsibility web site

The values and commitment of a responsible and sustainable company

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Bracco Environmental report web site

Bracco Group environmental policy: initiatives and results

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Bracco Worldwide

All locations All locations

Our products

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50 acts of corporate patronage

A book by Bracco

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Opening of the new
Quality Control
laboratories, Bipso
in Singen

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Bracco Imaging
announced the
acquisition of

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Fondazione Bracco

Commitment to culture, research and to the social

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