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Bracco Research & Innovation


For years the Bracco Group has been investing substantial resources in research, pre-clinical and clinical development of Imaging Agents for in vivo imaging. IA are used with special equipment to provide physicians with detailed information for diagnoses and to monitor minimally invasive operating procedures. Technological advances in equipment, combined with IA, permit a very high level of diagnostic accuracy and procedure monitoring for most pathologies.

Iopamidol, the first molecule discovered and developed by Bracco in 1981, was followed by other IA created,developed and marketed by Bracco for X-ray, Magnetic Resonance, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine. In the last few years, the Group has acquired competences and research skills in imaging-related sectors such as automatic IA delivery systems – at the Acist laboratories in Minneapolis, USA – and medical software for quantitative analysis of images. Its research work has a specific goal: to improve and facilitate diagnostic accuracy and treatment procedures to optimize medical services for patients.

Bracco WorldWide

The Bracco Group,
through its subsidiary
Bracco Imaging
operates throughout
the world both directly
or indirectly.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Bracco Imaging
is an international
leader in diagnostic

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Acist Medical Systems

ACIST® Medical Systems is a market leader in advanced contrast imaging systems for cardiovascular angiography.

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