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Bracco Sine Pharmaceutical Corp. Ltd.

Shanghai, Republic of China ,

The Bracco Sine industrial plant, situated in the Pudong area near Shanghai, has been operating since 2004 and is a highly technological facility with specialized equipment and services for the production of contrast media

Today the plant produces non-ionic contrast media for X-ray examinations, and contrast media for magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound scans.

Bracco Sine manages the entire production cycle on the basis of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient production process adopted by the Bracco plants in Italy: preparation of the solution, filling and closure of the vials and final sterilization in special environments for the production of injectable solutions. The process is completed by quality control and storage phases.  

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Bracco WorldWide

The Bracco Group,
through its subsidiary
Bracco Imaging
operates throughout
the world both directly
or indirectly.

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Our History

The Bracco Group
exists since 1927,
when Elio Bracco
founded the Italian
E. Merck company

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