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Cesano dedicates a street to Cavaliere del Lavoro Fulvio Bracco

Cesano Maderno, Italy , 03/27/2017

This year in which we are celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of the Bracco Group, the Mayor of Cesano Maderno, Pietro Luigi Ponti, has decided to name a street in the memory of the Cavaliere del Lavoro Fulvio Bracco - a remarkable entrepreneur with Italy in his heart.
A man of industry and an innovator with the insight to see the value of research and the importance of globalization, Fulvio Bracco was a pioneer of the family capitalism that made Italy one of the most respected and advanced countries in the world. That is why the city of Cesano Maderno decided to name the street right where the historic Group facility stands.
"Cesano is especially bonded and grateful to the Bracco Group for what the insightful activities of the top management, as Diana Bracco herself wished, brought about in our territory," explained the mayor Pietro Luigi Ponti on Saturday, March 18th at the Palazzo Arese Borromeo. "Activities not limited to the cultural field, as the restoration of Palazzo Arese Borromeo, but also in the social sphere, for example, the support provided for the Psycho-Pedagogy Centre of via Misurina, demonstrating an attentive and sensitive response to the community's needs."

Cesa Maderno dedicated a street to Fulvio Bracco

"It is an honor that the City Council has decided to dedicate a street to the memory of my father and he would have been overjoyed," said Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the Bracco Group. "Beginning today, a trace of his great work will also remain in the urban fabric of this city to which we are closely connected. Mayor Ponti's gesture, which we earnestly thank him for, also represents a way to offer a positive example for young people, especially in this tough time for all of Europe. In fact, today there is a strong need for positive values, will and the determination to hold together and rebuild, finding inspiration in the spirit of Italians like Fulvio Bracco."
"The hardest times of my life,” he recalled in his book From Neresine to Milan. Memories of the Italian entrepreneur Fulvio Bracco, “were the years of reconstruction immediately after the war. We had to start from scratch and it was difficult to know which path to take: there was no reference point. It felt as though we had lost our way. Fortunately I found a compass and set off down the right path.”
The street-naming ceremony concluded with the unveiling of the plate in Bracco’s industrial offices. During the convivial event, Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, Head of Global Business Unit Imaging, also spoke, taking a moment to talk about the company's future challenges. Many citizens and employees listened, among them some figures from the construction of Bracco’s great Cesano plant, such as Federico Bigarella and Peppino Urbano.

Cesano Maderno - Via Fulvio Bracco

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