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An exhibition conveys the importance of imaging diagnostics through art

Milano, Italy , 05/30/2017

Uniting the languages of art and science, “The Beauty of Imaging” illustrates the power and beauty of one of the most significant discoveries in medicine. The exhibition, launched by the Bracco Group to celebrate its ninetieth anniversary, can be seen at the Triennale Museum of Milan with free entrance until the 2nd of July.

The pairing of art and science provided the inspiration for this exhibit which celebrates the beauty of the human body “from inside” with stories, diagnostic techniques and suggestive images that reveal its deepest wonder. This exploration is possible thanks to diagnostic imaging: one of the greatest discoveries in the entire history of medicine that utilizes a set of techniques which combine physics, biology, chemistry, pharmacology and medicine to save human lives.

This journey inside the body now takes place hundreds of thousands of times a day, in every part of the world, with the aim of prevention and treatment. In this way, “traveling” within the human body, we discover the extraordinary complexity of the mechanisms that regulate it, the fascinating perfection of the structures that support it and the overall harmony in how it functions.
“The goal we set for ourselves was to allow the general public to discover a still relatively unknown medical discipline which, however, has a huge impact on people’s lives all over the world,” stated Diana Bracco, President and CEO. “To achieve this objective, we wanted to use the language of art and an approachable science communication, accessible to young people as well. To bring this challenge to fruition, we chose very capable partners: Marco Balich, Giò Forma Studio and Mauro Belloni, whom I sincerely thank.”

“The history of imaging is truly remarkable,” added Diana Bracco. “The timeline on display in the exhibition brings us back in time and shows the evolution of diagnostics: from the first treatise on magnetism by William Gilbert titled De Magnete, to the precursors of Roentgen’s experiments carried out by Goodspeed and Jennings, up to the famous discovery of X-rays in 1895 which happened, like many other scientific revolutions, by sheer chance. In this captivating story, there are also true heroines like Marie Curie, an exceptional figure of a woman and scientist who has always fascinated me and whose studies were pivotal for nuclear medicine. Having the foresight to focus on contrast agents made us a global leader in the technologically cutting-edge sector of life sciences,” highlighted Diana Bracco. “Today, one in every three X-ray procedures in the world is achieved using Bracco products - a statistic that gives us great pride as a family-run company and, I believe, as a whole country.”

At the presentation event, Marco Balich, who oversaw the artistic direction of the exhibition with FeelRouge Worldwide Shows, together with Florian Boje of GiòForma who was responsible for the design and installation as well as Mauro Belloni, content director, illustrated and described how the exposition, which takes the visitor on an educational and exciting journey “inside and outside” the human body, was born. It is an open space which allows the visitor to move about freely to explore the contents offered in an “edutainment” format: simplified for a general audience while preserving its value and scientific accuracy.

“The exhibition brought to life by FeelRouge and GiòForma to mark the 90th anniversary of Bracco – one of the most innovative Italian companies in the world,” remarked Marco Balich, Chairman Worldwide Shows Corporation, “is a captivating journey with a positive and optimistic message for the future of medicine through the power and beauty of study into the human body. I thank Mrs. Bracco for her vision and wish to share the importance of research, making it accessible to everyone.”

Speaking at the opening, Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, CEO of Bracco Imaging, announced two initiatives for young doctors. “Bracco Fellowships” is a program which will make 90 scholarships available for the training of young European radiologists, to be coordinated by the European School of Radiology (ESOR). The second educational project launched for the Group’s 90th anniversary provides three grants for young Italian radiologists – an opportunity with a total worth of 75,000 euros, specifically focusing on the question of women’s health.

“Coming to the imaging of tomorrow,” concluded Diana Bracco, “I hope to see you all at the international scientific symposium on life sciences and the future of imaging which will be held on June 30th at Colleretto Giacosa (Ivrea), at our Research Center in the Bioindustry Park. Participation in the convention has already been confirmed by, among others, the Nobel Laureate Jean Marie Lehn and the Professor Sam Gambhir, a top expert on the development of diagnostics. The program includes a roundtable entitled Young generations, research, work which will explore the innovative figure of the industrial researcher.”

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