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The Group

Bracco is an international Group active in the healthcare sector and leader in the diagnostic imaging. It has around 3,450 employees and annual total consolidated revenues of around 1,3 billion euros, of which 87% from international sales. In the Research and Development area, the company invests approximately 10% of reference turnover in the imaging diagnostics and medical devices sectors and has a portfolio comprising over 1,800 patents.

Bracco Imaging S.p.A. is the lead company in the Group’s core business of diagnostic imaging where Bracco, thanks to an extensive and innovative portfolio of products and solutions, the fruit of in-house research, boasts a leading position at a global level.

The Group’s main products are contrast agents, medical substances used to improve the diagnostic accuracy of biomedical imaging and the care of patients affected by diseases of varying type and severity. Contrast agents are routinely and widely used in all diagnostic imaging modalities, such as radiographic procedures, including computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

Bracco’s commitment to diagnostic imaging began in the 1950’s and obtained the first results at the start of the 1960’s, with the development of the first contrast agent to improve image quality in radiographic procedures: iodamide. The following years saw a redoubling of efforts in R&D, and resulted in the development of a highly innovative contrast agent, iopamidol, which allowed for dramatically improved tolerability and safety during radiographic, vascular and CT procedures. Launched at the beginning of the 1980’s, it is still today the go-to product for the entire international scientific community. Other significant Bracco research achievements include the development of a contrast medium for MRI procedures based on gadobenate dimeglumine, introduced in 1998, and a contrast agent for ultrasound examinations based on microbubbles with sulfur hexafluoride gas, made available in 2001. Both of these products represented a significant step forward in terms of what was available on the market at the time.

Later, Bracco’s product portfolio was further enhanced by other contrast agents for CT scans, MRI, nuclear medicine, and by medical devices to optimize the administration of contrast media in different imaging modalities.

Bracco contrast media are sold in over 100 countries, both directly and indirectly through branches, joint ventures, licence and distribution agreements. Thanks to the quality and reliability of its products, the Group boasts leading positions in the most important geographical areas such as North America, Europe and Japan.

Research and Development activities are concentrated in the laboratories in Geneva and Lausanne (Switzerland), Monroe and Silicon Valley (United States) and Italy (Colleretto Giacosa). Each research centre has specialised experience and expertise at the absolute cutting edge in different imaging modalities and operates in synergy with the medical and regulatory departments, whose operations are located in Milan (Italy), Konstanz (Germany), Paris (France), Monroe and Long Island (United States), Montreal (Canada), Mexico City (Mexico), São Paulo (Brazil), Beijing (China), Tokyo (Japan). Thanks to constant investment in operating processes, Bracco Imaging has reached levels of excellence in quality, in full compliance with all applicable regulations in every country where it operates, and with special attention paid to ecologically sustainable production.

The production activities of Bracco Imaging are carried out in Italy (Ceriano Laghetto, Torviscosa and Colleretto Giacosa), Canada (Montreal), Switzerland (Geneva), Germany (Singen), Japan (Saitama) and China (Shanghai).

The Bracco diagnostic imaging offer is completed by several medical devices and advanced administration systems for contrast imaging products in the fields of cardiology and radiology, developed by Acist Medical Systems. The company, which was acquired by the Bracco Group in 2001, has its corporate headquarters, manufacture and R&D facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), with regional offices in Europe and Asia. Its advanced systems are used in over 40 countries in the most world-renowned centers. More than 15 million people around the world have had cardiovascular angiographic procedures using an ACIST system.

Another important area of activity of the Bracco Group regards the healthcare services provided by the Centro Diagnostico Italiano, a polyclinic based in Milan. With 21 satellite units in the city and in Lombardy, CDI offers different services of prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation and personalized treatment, with a focus on radio-surgery and on day-surgery. With a 30 years experience, it offers a wide range of services for an amount per year of 150.000 diagnostic procedures in 50 clinical specializations and 4 million analysis for 500 types of exams. Equipped with the very latest technological systems (such as the Cyberknife radiosurgery robot and the Ikonyscope microscope for oncologic diagnostics), the CDI is an accredited body of the Joint Commission International.

Since its foundation Bracco is a socially responsible company in each area of activity – in business as in every other context . The company is strongly committed to social, educational, environmental and cultural improvement and in the promotion of Gender Equality.

Our History

The Bracco Group
exists since 1927,
when Elio Bracco
founded the Italian
E. Merck company

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Bracco WorldWide

The Bracco Group,
through its subsidiary
Bracco Imaging
operates throughout
the world both directly
or indirectly.

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The Bracco Group
invests considerable
resources in the Research
and Development field.

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