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Code of Ethics

The Bracco Group, aware that it has an influence on the economic and social well-being of the community of which it is part, believes that observance of the principles of business integrity and transparency are essential requirements for its own development. Mindful of the importance of its role, the Bracco Group acts in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Value is created by managing processes transparently, with integrity and a sense of respect for and responsibility towards others. By applying this principle, we have succeeded in consistently supplying patients and customers with trusted and effective products and services. To achieve such results, our Group devotes a great deal of energy into researching and developing medical innovative, scientific and therapeutic solutions.

The Bracco Group can confidently avow that its activities and management decisions are underpinned by ethical considerations, for we firmly believe that no interests can justify deviating from strict adherence to a standard of conduct that is fully aligned to the principles of corporate responsibility.Our responsibility is towards the country and its people, towards the environment, and towards consumers and the community.

We believe that it is only by embracing responsibility and sustainability that a business enterprise can thrive. No other approach can offer a future to the new generations, combine economic growth with employment and prosperity or ensure that technological innovation will bring about a better qualify of life. No other approach would allow us to compete successfully in global markets, while retaining strong roots in the local community.


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