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Corporate Environmental Report

The Bracco Group Environmental Report describes the initiatives and results of the company’s environmental policy during the reference year and in relation to the previous three-year period.
It also examines the environmental implications of the activities carried out to produce, distribute and market Bracco products.
The document focuses on the company’s operations and takes into account the Bracco Group’s three main production sites in Italy:

  • Bracco Imaging SpA - Ceriano Laghetto (MB)
  • Bracco Imaging SpA - Colleretto Giacosa (TO)
  • SPIN SpA - Torviscosa (UD)

The Report is a tool that contributes to achieving the most distinctive and ambitious targets, and is inspired by the Global Reporting Initiative 4 (GRI) 2013 “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines”.
Bracco has also voluntarily decided to have the data presented in the Environmental Report audited by Certiquality (a third-party certification body). Lastly, the Italian production sites of the Bracco Group implement the Responsible Care (RC) programme, an initiative of the global chemical industry through which companies voluntarily undertake to continually improve the health, safety and environmental performance of their operations.

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Our History

The Bracco Group
exists since 1927,
when Elio Bracco
founded the Italian
E. Merck company

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The culture of values
and responsible

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