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The culture of values and responsible commitment

Bracco Foundation was set up as an institution with its roots lying firmly in the wealth of values accumulated in over 85 years of Bracco family and company history. The Foundation, which has a high international connotation, focuses its activities on creating and spreading expressions of culture, science and art, as a means of improvement of the quality of life and social cohesion.

With concrete projects, the Foundation promotes valorisation of the cultural, historical and artistic national heritage; and also develops environmental awareness; promotes scientific research and protection of health; supports education and professional training for young people; and is engaged in welfare and solidarity initiatives to contribute to the collective well-being.

Our History

The Bracco Group
exists since 1927,
when Elio Bracco
founded the Italian
E. Merck company

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Respect, balance
and quality are
the principles guiding
the business
of the Group.

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