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Bracco is one of the world’s leading companies in the diagnostic imaging and offers a products, injectors and solutions portfolio for all diagnostic applications from contrast media (Bracco Imaging), to medical devices and advanced imaging agents injection systems (Acist andBracco Injeneering).

Another important area of activity of the Bracco Group regards the healthcare services provided by the Centro Diagnostico Italiano, a polyclinic based in Milan and with 20 satellite units in the city and in Lombardy. CDI offers different services of prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation and personalized treatment, with a focus on radio-surgery and on day-surgery



Diagnostic Imaging

Bracco Imaging
is an international
leader in diagnostic

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Acist Medical Systems

ACIST® Medical Systems is a market leader in advanced contrast imaging systems for cardiovascular angiography.

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Healthcare Services

Bracco CDI
is a medical surgery
oriented to prevention,
diagnosis and treatment.

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