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Innovation Centers

R&D work is organized and performed in the Group’s centers in Colleretto Giacosa, near Ivrea (CRB – Bracco Research Center), Geneva (Bracco Suisse S.A.) and Princeton, USA (clinical research headquarters), which together form one of the world’s most important know-how networks. The three centers – whose competences are geared to continuous innovation– work on a coordinated basis.
The Research Centers in Ivrea and in Ginevra are mainly active in the initial discovery phase of new molecules and new sustainable processes; Princeton then transforms the discovery into products for human users.

By integrating groups with disparate approaches and cultures, the network maximizes their respective areas of expertise: the USA leads the way today in innovation, particularly in molecular medicine; both research centers contribute to this cutting-edge research where ultrasound, magnetic resonance and nuclear imaging are the most promising techniques.

A total of approximately 300 scientists and engineers (12 per cent of the workforce) work in Bracco R&D:
their daily contribution fuels the drive for innovation to meet user and market needs. The training provided for
Group personnel – young, highly specialized and with know-how in complementary fi elds – and the availability of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment are the foundations for competitiveness in line with the top international standards. This philosophy, shared across the entire Group, translates effectively into dynamic and constantly updated organizational models and is the cornerstone of Bracco operations. Overall, the Bracco Group invests 10% of its Diagnostic Imaging revenues in R&D.

The activities of the three centers are flanked by the clinical trials and regulatory activities coordinated at global level by the Worldwide Medical and Regulatory Affairs division based in Princeton, with offi ces in Europe (Milan and Konstanz), Japan and China. The Bracco research network works on an open basis with university centers and public and private clinical research bodies, innovators in a sector making continuous scientific and business progress. The Group is involved in wide-ranging Italian, European and American projects as a member of an active network of partnerships.

In Italy in particular, the decision to conduct laboratory work in research-intensive regions like Piedmont, Lombardy, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Campania means Bracco Imaging can be active in early exploratory work integrated with genome, biomedical, biotechnological and sustainable chemical research in the various areas.

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