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Torviscosa, Italy ,

Thanks to an enormous amount of work carried out between August 1999 and March 2002, the Bracco Group was successful in halting the decline of Torviscosa and in preserving its historic chemical manufacturing tradition.500 workmen demolished 93 cubic metres of internal beams and 670 cubic metres of other pre-existing installations, and rebuilt 10,500 square metres of internal floor area plus a further 7,500 square metres of external areas that were restored in accordance with the constraints imposed by the Belle Arti, the Ministerial conservation body.

This was one of the most successful cases of industrial archaeology ever carried out in Italy, and had the honour of being selected for the Venice Architecture Biennale, where it is still on exhibition in the Italian Pavilion as a virtuous example of the relationship between manufacturing firms and their territories.


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The Bracco Group
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