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Women and new generations: our commitment to social innovation in Benin.

Milano , 06/11/2015

We’ve always believed that improving the quality of life is a mission that goes beyond our business commitment. That’s why we’ve searched far, in difficult places like Benin, where our commitment to development in one of Africa’s poorest regions goes back more than 10 years.

The Fulvio Bracco School, which we built in 2005, has now come to signify what’s called “generational contamination of positive behavior”: new generations teach parents, speeding up development of the region. Over 1000 young people, driven by a strong desire for redemption, are investing in their future at the school. It’s a unique center in the region, made up of three areas, one administrative, a chemistry, physics, and biology laboratory, a technology space and sports grounds.

We’ve recently launched, next to the school, a new project aimed at improving quality of life and access to food through women’s work: a start-up run by a completely female cooperative. It’s a team of 130 women who cultivate, transform and sell cassava and other regional products in a multi-functional space created by uniting local tradition, innovation and sustainability.

We support this cooperative to promote agricultural business and access to food through work which creates an economic trade surplus. The profits are reinvested in access to basic services such as education and health.

This initiative has created new synergies: small businesses, both manufacturing and artisinal, have come together inside the multi-functional space which is located right next to the school in order to encourage a collaborative project.

We’ve taken action in the improvement of women’s competencies through training courses (hygiene, economics, agriculture, information technology, ethics) and have improved cultivation methods and eliminated waste, involved agronomists in analyzing lands and supplied new, more innovative instruments for the transformation of agricultural products.

Every phase of the project aims to improve health and work safety conditions and integrates local tradition and innovation. Through education we’ve encouraged a different approach to food in respect to availability, sustainability and creativity.

Finally, the true revolution here has come from the enthusiasm of the youngest girls who attend our school: more educated than their mothers, they handle the economic aspect, the development and communication of the initiative.

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